Reformation’s Leopard Skirt Sold Out Immediately

Reformation’s unwavering popularity has yielding many hits over the years, but the brand has clearly upped its production as demand has risen. That’s why I pay even more attention than I used to when pieces sell out in an instant. It’s rarer than it used to be.

I have a calendar reminder in my phone to check Reformation’s new arrivals every Monday and Thursday mornings. (I’m not kidding.) Last Thursday, I was dutifully scrolling through said new arrivals and came across a leopard-print slip skirt—which is the It item of the season across all brands—that was perfect in every way, from the subtle pattern to the flattering rise to the mid-calf length. Since I already own Réalisation’s leopard Naomi skirt, I regretfully didn’t add Reformation’s version of the trend to my cart. As luck would have it, I went back to reconsider the skirt less than 24 hours later and it was completely sold out in every size. Go figure. 

I’m regularly stalking the skirt’s page as we speak in hopes that someone returns one or it restocks but in the meantime, Reformation has tons of equally cool early-fall pieces that are also worthy of selling out. See the covetable leopard-print Bea skirt and shop my other current picks below.