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Next to the white house, divided over T fate of EPA chief, Scott Pruitt as a cloud of scandal is gro about him. He denied kng anything about big staff raises and tonight, sources in E EPA dispute th but only one person can ask him to go, the president and Toni he is standing by prui ABC’s Mary Bruce is at the EPA tonit. Reporter: Mired in controvepa adminisor Scott Pruitt sat down with president ump today in oval office. But the E house res to say whates next. No one other than the president has the authority to hire and fire members of his cabinet. It’s a decision that he’ll M Reporter: Tonight, new questionabout why two Pruitt’s topides got hefty raises, evener the white house refused to sign of in a contentious interview with Fox News, Pruitt claimed he kn nothing about it I found out about that yesterday and ihangedt. So who DI? And there would be some accountality. Areer person or political person? I don’t know.I don’t know. I don’t know the answer. You don’t know? You run the age you don’t know who did this? Ind out about this yesterday and I corrected the action. Reporter: But N, EPA officials tell ABC news that’s noue. They say Pruitt knew about and supported the raises aide receiving a nea $57,000 salary increase. No cet secretary cent ry has been the subject of so many ethical erns on so many fronts om his penchant for luxury travel on the taxpayer dime ending $43,000 on a secure phone booth for his office, to questiout his relationip with a D.C. Lobbyis and that alleged sweetheart real estate deal T let him pay just $50 night for this D.C. Apartment. Tt says the scrutiny is all part of anort to sabotage the trump agenda. Anyime you do trormational things, T are critics and there are people at come against you. Reporter: Tonight, source familiarith the thinking inside the west wing, tell us white hoe chief of staff John Kelly wants Pruitt. E president is stilltanding byhim. Mary Bruce joins U from out in front of the EPA, and ry, president trump ting today that Scott pruits doing a great job, but is totally under Ege? Reporter: Tom, Pruit long B one of the esident’s favorites. He is carrying out the tough work here that trump wants, rolling back regulations, but sources tonht T us the prest is growing frustrated with all Thi controversy, M? Mary B with that new reporting tonight. , Thank you.

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