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The trump administration U fire separating hundreds of children from their parents I illegally cross the united STA overnight protesters taking to the sts in San Antonio a more rallies arenned Aro the country today.rhief national affairs rresponden Tom llamas is just back from the bornd you spoke with one of tho families. Reporter: Gmorning.we did. We speime W a parent who has seen her son in more than eightmonths. There are hundreds of families that have been recently seated and immigration CAS say it’s happening at a rate likeve never sn before.right now in El Paso, Texas, this undocumd immigrant and mother caught ine of the trump ministrati hard-limmigration cy. Her name is Jocelyn and she says she was fle a abusive hud back H in Brazil when she and her 14-year- son crossed illeganto the U.S. Use of a growing enforcement tactic her son was taken from she says,e looked at me like, mom, help me because I don’t know where they’re taking her son James takenorehan 1,000 miles a toive in a facility in Chicago. They’t seen each other in more than eight months. E says if she saw son she wouldn’t be able speak. She would just cry. He’s one of at least 7 children who have been separat frir familiesce October. If you donan your child to beseparated, then don’t brinhem across the border illegally. It’s not our fault thatebody does that. Reporter: Jocelyn who eking asylum is now livinin a shelter after spendin more than three weeks in jai crossingally. With the of the aclu she is suing to get H son back. The par are powerless and would never speakup. ‘Re toointimidated. Most of the time they Donn W the kid is going for , months and it’s just- it’s unbearable. Jocen he tip of the berg. Reporter: The trump administration its they’re simply prosecuting a crime. If that parents a 4-year-old child W do you plan on doing with THA child. The child under lawoes to HHS for and custody. Separated from their parent? Answer my estion. Hey do every day. Repor the trump administration has a zero enforcement policy. If youss illegally even if you’reki asylum you will be ecuted. Children cannot be sent to . That’s why the spragues are occurring and though this has happened iases in the past ‘re beingold never at this LE a man who runs a shelter describe it as immigration enforcement on STDs guys. All right. Tom, thank you very much.

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