Priyanka Chopra Recreated Princess Diana’s Iconic ’90s Look

We’ve waxed poetic before about Princess Diana and her infamous style from the ’80s and ’90s. There are few other women whose style has held the same level of influence over generations past and present as the Princess of Wales herself. Among the many (and we mean, many) outfits she’s remembered for, the polished skirt suit was her most iconic silhouette. In fact, she wore skirt suits so frequently that now we instantly point to her as a source of inspiration when we see others wearing the look.

Case in point: Priyanka Chopra just wore a chic tweed skirt suit and it has Princess Di written all over it. While out in NYC, the actress put a very 2019 spin on the polished ensemble, opting for a suit with an asymmetrical neckline, which she styled with a pair of princess-worthy PVC and crystal pumps and a metallic Fendi baguette bag. Chopra is known for her classic style that always has a trend-driven bent to it, so it comes as no surprise that she’d make the old-school ensemble look so cool for now.

And she may be onto something. We spotted a handful of similarly Princess Diana-inspired looks on the street during Paris Fashion Week and now that the style is celebrity-approved by Chopra, we bet the classic look will only gain more popularity this year. Keep reading to see how Chopra’s outfit compares to the O.G. and then shop modern-day skirt suits.