Popular Zara Boots That Sell Out

It’s pretty clear that snakeskin boots are where it’s at this season. As fashion people continue to highlight on IG, the perfect pair can actually make your entire outfit, given its elevated, high-end-feeling nature. While we’ve already showcased the slew of under-$200 styles on the market, there’s one key silhouette that’s proving to be a front-runner in that group. Yep, we’re talking about this pair of $99.90 knee-high boots from Zara.

This iteration is so popular that it’s currently sold out—although it appears that it will be restocked soon online. It’s also available in some Zara brick-and-mortar locations. In fact, one fashion girl told us she drove miles from West Hollywood to the Valley in Los Angeles get her hands on a pair. “I drove to Glendale to get the last pair in L.A.,” Jennifer Pauline of @withcreators said.

Keep scrolling to check out how Pauline and other fashion people are styling the Zara boots. Plus, go a bit further to shop a range of other top-notch Zara boots before these beauties come back in stock.