People Think Katy Perry’s Pink Grammy’s Dress Looks Like Cotton Candy And Cake

While the top of the strapless gown has a structured, silver and pink top, the rest of it balloons into a textured, Papier-mâché-like look.

Katy Perry attends the Grammy Awards Sunday in Los Angeles.

The singer in jewelry by Djula. 

The singer in jewelry by Djula. 

It's quite the look. 

It’s quite the look. 

The interesting design naturally drew lots of thoughts on social media:

Lots of food comparisons and references were offered:

Perry seemed to take the comments in stride ― she even reposted one of the popular memes that showed her looking like a paint roller on her Instagram. 

Another Balmain look that didn't go over well. 

Another Balmain look that didn’t go over well. 

Check out the wild red carpet looks at the awards show below: