People benefit from just 13 minutes of exercise, study finds Video

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You work out obvio Have yolooked at my arm lately? Exhia. How often do you work out? I try to work every day ldo you worout? Sually about 45 S to an hour. Really? Well, you’re wasting a lot of Tell that to my — T’s a go day for cch tatoes, ople. That’s right. It’s a good day. The medicine and science of sports and exercise journal DI a study where working out Ju 13 minut day, theyad pe worked out did a group es in one th had a G that did ree ts and a gup that did sets of same exerce. They found thae group th did E set had as much benefit as T Reall 13 minutes. W is if you are doing one set, it has to be drng can’t be,ik Like explosive. I’moo no, it dsnork that W a lot eople are happy, like, I just saved a whole bunch of tin Isn’t it funny that a magazine about exercise put out an article that says exercise is- that would be liling people TV isn go for you. Rn it off right now. But I will sali in the gym. I need more than 13 min because it just relaxe mind. Yeah. The happy hormones neeme be triered. Yes, and you know what? Ppy. I’m hap Bse we’re hin day, people. We got another one.ople

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