Pakistan polio team caught faking data, wasting vaccines

A team of Pakistani vaccinators were caught faking data and wasting here, police said on Monday.

Confirming the incident, Additional (ADC) said the services of all 11 team members were terminated, reports Dawn news.

“We decided on severe punishment because this is not tolerable. This was not just a blunder or a mistake. Due to what the team did, a number of children were not vaccinated which can also delay getting to the goal of eradicating the virus from the country,” he said.

An of the programme said that on Saturday, a team from the caught vaccinators deputed at the permanent transit point (PTP) of Sabzi

They would spill two drops of the vaccine on the ground for every fake name they would enter in the data for vaccinated children.

is one of only three countries in the world with ongoing wild poliovirus transmission, alongside and



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