Pa. man attacked by rabid bat

Randy Haines knows his dog, Rocko, well, and when he heard Rocko barking in the backyard of his Luzerne County home recently, he knew something was wrong.

It was a “nervous bark” Haines told WNEP.

He went outside to see what was wrong, and before he knew it, he was attacked.

“It wrapped around my leg within a split second, quicker than a rattlesnake,” he told the TV station.

But it wasn’t a rattlesnake. Haines was attacked by a rabid bat, according to a recent report from WNEP.

According to reports, the incident occurred Aug. 27 in Larksville. Haines heard that nervous bark from his dog and went outside to check. He was instantly attacked by the bat, digging in with its claws and repeatedly biting him.

Rocko was unharmed.

Haines immediately called the Pennsylvania Game Commission, which sent the bat away for testing. It tested positive for rabies, setting Haines on a cycle of vaccinations for the disease, reports indicate.

He shared his story to let people know that rabies can be found in the region.

The game commission said this was a hoary bat – not one commonly found in Pennsylvania, according to reports. The commission recommends anyone who is bitten by an animal they believe has rabies should seek medical attention immediately.