On Politics: White House Digs In on Wall Demands

Good Friday morning. Here are some of the stories making news in Washington and politics today.


Thursday was a busy day for the government shutdown, despite little progress toward a resolution. President Trump traveled to the southern border to bolster his case for a wall, and he canceled his trip to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, citing the Democrats’ “intransigence.” Also, Vice President Mike Pence went to Capitol Hill, digging in on a demand for the wall and shattering talk of a compromise with Democrats.

Years before Mr. Trump demonized immigrants, Representative Steve King of Iowa took to the House floor to show off a scale model of a 12-foot border wall he designed, called for the end of birthright citizenship and used misleading data to justify demeaning remarks about Latinos.

Farm country stood by Mr. Trump, even as it strained under billions in losses from the president’s trade wars. But with the shutdown now dragging into its third week, some farmers say they are at a breaking point.