On Politics: Trump’s History With Race

House Republicans are also gearing up to question Mr. Mueller face to face on Wednesday. “The obvious first question,” said Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, “will be, ‘When did you know there was no coordination and no conspiracy?’”

Over decades of appearances before Congress, Mr. Mueller showed little patience for politics. A review of dozens of hours of his hearings — Mr. Mueller has appeared before Congress 88 times dating back to 1990 — offers insight into what kind of witness he will be this week.

Until this past week, the Democratic candidates for the 2020 election had generally tried to ignore the president’s incendiary language. Now some feel an urgency to take a new approach. “The fact of the matter is,” said Joe Biden, “this president is more George Wallace than George Washington.”

From the heavily rehearsed jabs, gimmicks and one-liners at the June debates to the elaborately staged “live drawing” for the July debate lineups that aired Thursday night on CNN, it’s starting to look like Democrats have been drawn into the reality TV genre that once brought Mr. Trump to prominence.

Iowa and New Hampshire will be up first in the Democratic primary race. Here’s a look at how the leading candidates are setting up their operations there.