On Politics: Trump Rejects Shutdown Compromise

Issues like voting rights and partisan gerrymandering were traditionally the preoccupation of wonky party strategists and good-government groups. But now, they have become major points in the debate about the integrity of American elections.

In an Indiana county, a rise in child cancer diagnoses has led families who voted for Mr. Trump to make demands that collide with one of his main agendas: the rolling back of health and environmental regulations.

The nomination process for next year’s presidential election has begun. Democratic candidates like Senator Elizabeth Warren will move quickly to try to build grass-roots support and raise money — prerequisites for any candidate hoping to break out of a congested pack of contenders.

We still don’t know if Joe Biden will be a candidate in 2020. But with a series of careful financial decisions and the creation of nonprofits and academic centers, the former vice president has paved the way for a possible run.

Mr. Trump said he had “essentially” fired Defense Secretary Jim Mattis last month because he was dissatisfied with the retired Marine general’s performance.