On Politics: Democrats and the Death Penalty

Mr. Booker also released his first-quarter fund-raising numbers this weekend. He raised $5 million, among the smallest totals to be disclosed so far.

Among the new Democrats in Congress, 10 served in the military or intelligence agencies, which has shaped a tight bond. And in a party moving to the left, their backgrounds have made them among the most moderate members.

The House Democratic campaign arm is on the verge of open warfare with the party’s rising liberal wing, as it tries to shut down the types of primary challenges that landed many of them in Congress last year.

Ernest F. Hollings, a South Carolina Democrat who served 38 years in the United States Senate, died on Saturday. He was 97.

For Mr. Trump, a threat is frequently his first impulse. Here’s a look at some of his biggest threats — to foreign countries, domestic corporations and one big state on the West Coast — and what came of them.


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