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Transcript for Omarosa Manigault Newman releases White House secret recording

I’m Tom llamas.egin tonig with Omara’ P and his formerhite houida releasing theecording she says was made in the situation room. Shsays John lled her, and doubling down on claims she heard of the predent ING the “n”-word. White hous lauhing a counterattack. Tara Palmeri leads us off. Reporter: Tarosa revealsecret recdi claims she made inside the white house situation room chief of staffohn Kelly red her.hink it’s portant to understand that if we make this a friendlyeparture, we can all — you know, you look at your time ie house of service the nation. Reporter: Omarosa saying she felt thrby Kelly dur the osed door meeting. And then you can go on T reputation. Because this is a white house where everybody lies. The president LI to the American people. Reporten the former ality star new book, “Unnged,” shealls present trump a racist, misost, and big the white house firing back, Ng the book is “Led with lies.” The president responding for the first ti TD. Lowli. Shs a lowlife. Reporter: In the book omarosaclaims THR peopleold her about a recording of the ent saying the “-word on the set of “Theapprenti.” And claims she now heard recording. Iton what arthe most. He is trust. Reporter: Omarosa says he she heard, it was O te to upda the book. Afterd the book, I had an opportunity to los angeled sit downh person who ahas a copy of the tape, and I heard his voice as clear as yod I are sitthere. Reporte counseloro the president, kellyanne Conway, asking W over spoke put these ausations wle shrked at thwh But why didn’ the ti why not tell ABC news day after she was fired that that is in ft witnessed reporter: Ifact, afteshe fi told ABC wis. Iouit nor wor for Ed to be Reporte, blames herself for her role in admit I was complicit with this white house deceiving this Na they con deceive this on. Te understand you H new information? The white E is look into legal options to take against osa?eporter: That’s right, not just to punish her rerding, blso to stop her om future recordings. Sarah Sanders saying she sho regard F national security, and a lack of aracter anntegrity. Tom? Streets the tion’s capal.

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