NYC’s ‘Quickie Lab’ closes loophole in sexual health prevention

Persing said “part of the reason for the epidemic rise in STIs in the past year is the fact that we have a lot of asymptomatic people out there who are incubating.”

“We think that it’s going to be entirely possible to test and treat on the same day,” Persing said. “So you really have a dramatic effect on transmission.”

A potential vaccine

Even as the fight against gonorrhea appears to be slipping, as many warned could happen after the introduction of PrEP, which has lessened the risk of HIV and led some gay men to abandon condoms, there are reasons to be hopeful the disease can be controlled.

Helen Petoussis-Harris, a vaccinologist at the University of Auckland, has been investigating an unexpected side effect of Bexsero, a vaccine for meningococcal disease serogroup type B. This form of meningitis is caused by a bacteria called neisseria meningitidis, related to the neisseria gonorrhea bacteria.