‘No Time To Die’ Trailer Gives Fans The James Bond Escape They Deserve

Cinema superspy James Bond and his new film “No Time to Die” emerged from lockdown Thursday with a kick-ass trailer. (Watch it above.)

If you like your escapes from real-world horror adrenaline-fueled, these 2 minutes, 30 seconds starring Daniel Craig in his final go-round as 007 will fill the bill. He dodges speeding cars, swings off a bridge, makes out, and gets one of those delightfully pretentious declarations from the villain.

“We both eradicate people to make the world a better place,” Oscar winner Rami Malek’s Safin says. “I just want to be a little tidier.”

The clip also features “new double 0″ Lashana Lynch and a swift-kicking operative played by Ana de Armas.

It’s about as subtle as the bullets spraying from Bond’s Aston Martin headlights.

Part of the plot features Bond coming out of retirement to save a kidnapped scientist, and Safin trying to kill millions with new technology.

“You can imagine why I’ve come back to play,” Bond says.

“No Time to Die” had its release delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, but now it’s hoping to fulfill its mission in a November theater run.