NFL Draft Prospect Says Team Asked Whether He Has Both Testicles

The NFL Scouting Combine reportedly got personal with a draft prospect on Sunday. Like WTF personal.

The annual Indianapolis event, in which prospects perform speed, strength and agility tests for team scouts, also features probing interviews. And they apparently don’t stick to football.

Former University of Texas cornerback Kris Boyd told ESPN’s Jeff Legwold that one undisclosed team asked him Sunday if he had both testicles.

“And I was like yeah, I don’t know why you got to ask,” he recounted.

Kris Boyd, pictured at the NFL Scouting Combine, apparently became one of the many athletes over the years to be asked an over-the-line question at the event.

The combine has a bit of a history with questions that cross the line. In 2016, an Atlanta Falcons assistant coach apologized after asking defensive back prospect Eli Apple (who has now played for the New York Giants and New Orleans Saints) if he liked men.

One player claimed last year that teams asked him about his sexual identity and whether his mother was a prostitute, but the league said it found no proof that this had happened.

In 2013, tight end Nick Kasa said he was asked if he “liked girls.”