New Zealand Disappears From World Maps, and a Viral Video Is Born

Ghost chips

The message: In this public service announcement, New Zealand’s transport agency has a young man imagine the consequences of allowing a friend to drive drunk.

Released: 2011

Best line: When the ghost of a dead friend keeps offering him chips, the young man responds, “You know I can’t grab your ghost chips.” The phrase has become a popular meme in New Zealand, often seen on T-shirts.

If it’s not gay, it’s not gay

The message: A group of New Zealand farmers discuss the appropriate use of the word “gay” in this video, the first national ad campaign by the advocacy organization Rainbow Youth.

Released: October 2017

Best line: “Look bro, unless that pie is a man who loves another man, it’s not gay,” says one farmer after his friend drops his lunch on the ground.

Give nothing to racism

The message: The director Taika Waititi pushes New Zealand’s deadpan satire to its limit in this video for the government’s Human Rights Commission. Parodying a charity fund-raising and awareness campaign, Mr. Waititi urges viewers to give “just a tiny bit” to racism, which, he says, won’t survive without their help.

Released: June 2017

Best line: “You might not want to wear a T-shirt that says how much of a racist you are. No thanks! I’m racist on the inside,” Mr. Waititi says.


The message: In this ad for new recruits, the New Zealand police force attempts to showcase its diversity and its relationships with local communities as its officers run, jump and roll their way through the city in pursuit of a thief.

The ad, however, was controversial in some quarters. Critics said the images of “funny, running cops” did not accurately reflect the relationship between the police and minority groups.

Released: November 2017

Best moment: When an officer pauses a pursuit to help an elderly man cross the street and is inexplicably joined by a dancer with a boom box.

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