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Ptty much anyg you can talk about. Alarming new study showing the spike I child being diagnosed with ADHD over the past 0 years andediatrician and a news consu Dr. Ncere. 10% of allen have it. Do you ththe enation is? T iplofs buting to the spik rst peoplere awaref at it isnd seeking care more ofn. K we ashysicians have iberalized some of the criteria a used to require them to have ss in multiple before we M theiagnosis and now we’re saying if you child has symptoms and interfering th their ability to function we make that diagnos andhe a Rick of unrdiagnosg and overdiagnosing., ould over diagnose and give a child absoteing that need than derdiagnos a miss some children. E going to err on the side of sa.on of theroubling findings is with our girls, the rates in Nosis, they’ doubled and ho you K if your be hyperactive or has oblem or maybe has too much ergy. Yes, so it’s interest to say that children when it comes tos and girls present a little diffely it comes to .girls haveore of the inattentn type of symptoms tend to forgetls and have E paying attention, make frequent and Ed and thens on the other hand are ait more at school and blurting out the answer, talking a little bitoo much and it’smportant to know the difference now we’re realizing more girlsere ly suffering without us knowing use they were just inattentive. That’ good to know. Last do you Thi digital media plays sort of roam in th diagnosis of ADHD. Et that lot.he have to say. When we use joual media too much we C some of the symptoms thathd. It’s not necessarily ADHD, not really but we have T be really careful about Lon are spending in front screens. Really, really great information. Thank you very much. Over towhit. Now news for roywatchers

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