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this time, explosi newook about president trump and the white’s called “Fea a in, author Bob woodwar for the firstime that present reportedly took part in actice dri for a possible rviewh T special own Woodward R his lawyers were concerned, they made their caseer Mueller themselves, saying the president questioned. Well tonig, T psident this new and explo book. And ybout hear the phone , the aio between the president and the book’s author who tried multiple times to get aterview wi T prident. He our senior white house coespondent cilia Vega. Reporter: President trump once seemed eager to sit D with Sal counsel robertller. Would be willing to speak under oath to give your version of the events? 1 reporter: But aid according the new book by veter Washington journalist woodwa, the esent’s L was so worried he would commit perjury, intervt, the president reportedl his team, testify.” Woodwa ws the present’s lawyers then sat down with Mueller and described the practicesion. E just made something up. That’s his nature,” er hn dowd rertedly tole ial counsel. Diot.” Mueller replies, “John, I understand and before dowd quit, he warned the presstify. It’s jumpsuit toes any of is happened. Buo broke watergate scandaays he conductendreds of urs of intews with fst-hand witnesses. Wood alsed a recording then himsel H, Presi trump, Hoare you? Why he he tried. I nevot a call. R got a meage. Who did you ask about to me? Wel AUT six peoe. They T tell me. A senator. Tallyanne abito and a half months ago. Reporter:sident conceding he had actually been told about the request. Wno, they NER called a it. Enator graham said he had liked to yoabout talking me. Now, is that not true? Ator grahaactually mentioned it quickly in one ING. Rter: At onpoint, counselor to the president, Kelle Conway, lks in the room-l speak tolyanne.I am a lite surpriseat sheuldn’t havld me. In ft, just walked in. I’g to Bob wdward. He said the told you — — About speaking to me. But you Ver told M why didn’t you tell me? I would have Ver speak to him. Ry then gets on the phonherself. Hi. Hi. Remember two and a half months age over and I laid out, I wanted to talk to the president? And you said you would get back to me? I do. And I put in T know, they — it wasre nly take it so far. I GU I can bring it right the esident ne time. Reporter: The president not letting up. It would’ve been nice, Bob, if youled for me, in my office. I mean, I have a secrehave two, ree secreties. If you would’ve called dire — a lot ople are afraid. Reporter:the book, lled ear,” Woodward paints a picture of top aides ridiculin the boehs back. After the president repeatedly questionhe cost of a large military presence on the Korean peninsula, defense secretary Jim mattntly told hng this in order to prevent World War III.” Exasped, Mattis ter told close associateshe president, quote, “Had the understag fifth or sth grader.” Chie staff johkelly once reportedly complained the president iaying, “It’intless Tory to convince him of anything. He’s gonthe rails. Us E here. This is the worst job I’ve ever had.” Woodwardpend their ryg to preve president ump from making catastrophic mistakes. Former chief economic adviser garyohn even swiping sensitive pa the oval fice desk to keep the president from seeing them, sayingquote, “Got to prontry.” Of his farite punching bag, emey gene Jeff sessions, “This guy is mentally retarded. He’s this dumb southerner. Couldn’t eve a one-peon country lawyer down in Alabama.” Alr bracing for the backlash T come. E’re going to a inaccurate book and that’ bad. Be accurate, I PMI Yeah okay, we is that nobody’s ever D a better job tn I’mngspresident. All right, Cecilia, in that O as you pyed there, we actually heard today that presidentrells Bob Woodward he has fair. We just heard himng, I T blame Y completely for this. Now the president is lashing out at the author and the book. Ror he’s going after credibity. Among the mostpected jonalists I this to. The white house says this book ishi than fabricated ories and it doesotnd there. This just in from thef staff, he calls quote, total bs, and from the defense secretarhis is, quote, a product of meone’s rich imagination. But tonight, david,oodward is the white house. Heari for

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