Natasha Liu Bordizzo on The Society and Her Love of Fashion

You are from Sydney but now live in Los Angeles. How would you say the fashion is different between the two cities? How would you say it’s similar?

Similar would definitely be relaxed. The climate and the beach being nearby just affects everyone I think. But different? Sydney can be pretty dismal for fashion, depending on what area you are in. Everyone is very practical there. There is a focus on wholesomeness I think in Sydney because everyone is so nature-driven. Everyone loves natural fabrics. You’ll find a lot of linen and a lot of silk and cotton. I’m into that too. I love good fabrics. And I think Los Angeles is more statement graphics and prints and crazy colors because you have to somehow stand out in a city where everyone is trying to stand out.

The Society is not your average teen drama. These kids deal with some pretty heavy stuff. What were your initial thoughts upon reading the script?

I think it’s very thought-provoking, like what would you do if you were put in this situation? Would you become the authority? Would you rebel? Would you be pro-gun or anti-gun? Would you lose your shit, or would you be the same person in the new world as you were in the old world? These are all things that when I first read the bible for the whole thing I immediately was like, what are the trajectories of these characters going to be? Because eventually everyone is just going to lose their minds, and the darkest elements of your soul will be brought to the surface. And it comments on what millennials would do with a new world, and that’s something I think everyone thinks about. It’s a dream because there is so much to talk about. And there is a relatable character for everyone I think. There is enough teen drama in it that I think it really appeals to the younger demographic, but then with so much overarching metaphorical, dark, thematic double meaning that it is still deep enough that an older demographic will also really enjoy it.

How do you think you would handle this kind of situation?

I think I would stay super low-key and out of the way. Kind of like Gideon’s character. I would take photos, observe, figure out how we got there. I used to study law. My whole background before acting was completely academics, so the old me, which is the me I’m referring to because we’re talking about teenagers here, definitely would stay on the DL and organize and be logistical about things. Kind of like Allie meets Becca.