Most Stylish British Fashion Women on Instagram

First and foremost, I’m going to quickly caveat the below list: The people included are very much tied to the UK, but as this country is such an incomparably great melting pot of nationalities, you’ll find that some of them are not born-and-bred Brits. So before the pedants out there get all fired up and DM me, let’s remind ourselves that Britishness is a vibe, people, and these people have the country’s eclecticism and unique outlook running through their veins (and extensive shoe collections).

We try to document as many of these wardrobes in depth as often as we can with our Best Wardrobes in Britain franchise, but there are closets out there we’re still yet to jump into. With London Fashion Week now in full swing, we thought it fitting to bring some names and faces to your attention. All are worth bookmarking for the duration of fashion month, but also way beyond. Keep reading to see the 28 Brits on Instagram that I always look to for style inspiration.