Mom believes baby was slashed with scalpel during C-section

A British mom claims her newborn was slashed in the face with a scalpel during a Caesarean section, leaving her scarred for life.

Amber Woollard, 23, claims baby Valenci needed plastic surgery for a 2-inch cut under her tot’s nose — with the surgeon telling her it could not have happened naturally, according to The Mirror.

Baby Valenci is expected to need at least three more surgeries and may have permanent scarring, according to the paper.

“I see this as a case of serious case of neglect from the NHS,” the young mom said, referring to Britain’s National Health Service.

“My darling daughter has been left with scars for the rest of her life because of this,” Wollard added. “The incident has shattered my faith in the NHS, I don’t trust them anymore. To see your newborn with injuries to her face is really upsetting.”

However, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital said it is “very unlikely” the baby was cut with a scalpel.

“We’d like to repeat our apologies to Ms. Woollard for not meeting her expectations and the distress caused following the birth of her daughter,” the hospital said, according to The Mirror. “We are sorry that her daughter was born with signs of facial trauma and we have explained to Ms. Woollard why we believe the facial marks were very unlikely to have been caused by the scalpel used during the cesarean section.”