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And the miss governor new fire tig already facing a felony charge related to accusations he to opriate photos of a former mistress, now accused of a second fel ABC’s erielle reshef picks up E story. Reporr: Embattled misi governor Eric greitens tonight facing a second ny charge putting hipolitical future in peril. The onceising star in the blican party.greitens. If you’re ready for a conservative outsider, I’m Rea to fire away. Reporter: Sf illegally using a donor list from the charity he founded solicit donations for his caaign. Grietens addressing the latest allegationinebook postwriting, “Thinal case is fallint.is prosecuwill use any charge she can to R me.” The form Navy S.E.A.L., already charwith “Felony invasion of privacy” amid his rdsser durina seal encounter in his home. Then, allegedly warned her not talk. I want to say again, what I’ve said from the beginning, this is a politicatch-hunt. Reporter: The married father of two admitting to delity T vehement D claims of violence or blackmail. This was a private mistake has nothing to do with governing and shout be about litics. Reporter: The top drat in Missouri illing for immediate impeachment hearings. Sayi hhort tenure is about to come to an end. Only person who doesn’t understand is Eric greitens but, Tom, greitens says ING forward to D All right, thank you.

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