Misconduct doctor’s ‘force made pregnant woman scream’

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Dr Mohamed worked at Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust at the time of the exam

A doctor who continued to “quite forcefully” examine a pregnant woman despite her “screaming” for him to stop has been suspended for misconduct.

Locum registrar Dr Abdelkarim Mohamed who worked at Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust continued until a midwife pulled his hand away in 2016.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service heard he also failed to comply with hand hygiene rules.

He was suspended for nine months in a case which involved two other women.

During the examination in which Dr Mohamed “quite forcefully” examined the pregnant woman on 22 June, he did not wash his hands but “simply walked over to her and pulled the covers off her, exposing her abdomen and her genital area”.

‘Grabbed hold’

“There was no need for him to do that,” said the midwife, who prompted him to wear gloves but he wore them over his shirt cuffs, which was against policy.

During the examination, the doctor continued despite being asked by the woman to stop, before “pushing against” the midwife who tried to intervene.

She said: “I grabbed hold of him further and I pulled his hand back.”

Dr Mohamed pulled off his gloves and “threw them on the bed and walked out”, the hearing was told.

The tribunal heard he failed to identify himself appropriately before carrying out an examination on a woman also on 22 June.

Misconduct was also found in relation to a third woman while he worked as a locum in the maternity unit in Altnagelvin hospital, Londonderry, in February 2016.

Mr Terrence Rigby, representing the General Medical Council, said Dr Mohamed “has made no expression of regret; he has not offered any explanation about what he has done or what he will do to remediate his misconduct”.