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Transcript for Mike Muse shares his analysis on Florida’s gov. results

We’re gonna continue our coverage up here upstairs and what we’re calling the sky box Mike muse is here might say host on Sirius XM radio. Thanks for joining us he has yet again tonight you’ve been watching the guilin race closely the Florida governor race Andrew gill on the young. Democratic mayor of Tallahassee just got up and conceded. What are your thoughts as you watch this play out equal complaints. Tonight I was looking at this election and as a referendum on what is America what is America choosing to be. How are redefining patriotism holly citing what it means in American. And as a result of all the course of warfare and discourse that’s been happening in the closing arguments of this election cycle. Immediately after a human line we started hearing race conversation after it was prime athletic primaries when their primaries aren’t hearing. You know race conversation race baiting will probably is saying is just an ever races his opponent who’s now going to be the governor of Florida. Quentin to mislead. Use the word monkey yeah EE in alive. Conversation on Fox News yet which now people jumped on and said well that was racist suit and then you’re presented as an NC. As Alice cures is Alice we’re gonna respond to that and palace for a Diana. When events you choose colts are over party party over culture of course a warfare and that is. Where they’re gonna choose policy over courts warfare of course were firmer policy by the Carolina policy towards closing arguments of this race and so there was some hard and mean that said that. Floridians have rise above that. And it would definitely choose — at the end. But when it turns out was that that wasn’t the case tonight we saw that happening in South Florida where there was and strong support. I forgive and but he couldn’t really taken with in the middle parts of floor in the rural areas of Florida and so. It still leaves us to wonder what does America want to be who are we as Americans and I’ve yet to figure that out hold our C bad in the night but as a right now I’ve yet to conclude that well yet and yet. If you’re looking at this from the left which I think you are eight Eaton and the there’s a lot to cheer a lot of women who did well we’ve got your first female Muslim in congress you’ve got at. One of possibly to native Americans so diversity. Is having we are having a moment of diversity. Here tonight at least thus far is the results coming. Yes you get somebody in diversity absolutely but in those cases where the Muslim point certain about the represented who won in Michigan is currently right now there wasn’t allowed out xenophobia that occurred in in that election cycle and on the campaign trail. Well we actually saw that happening in Florida sadly there’s a difference CS against Auburn University yes in celibate women rising to the occasion of being victorious but there was in those races when he went head to head there is no xenophobia for an there was no ideology whose owner is have a chance to get up and say no we will not accept. This kind of behaving exactly what we saw on our command in Florida says we’ll look past that and still Cold War the Florida. Florida governor. Thank you so much.

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