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Transcript for Microsoft announces new gadgets at Surface event

In today’s tech bytes new gadgets from Microsoft the company introducing its surface throws six which it said the 67%. Faster than its predecessor. And the surfers laptop to is powered by a new Intel processors and have a keyboard designed to be silent. Models of each brought about 900 dollars. Electric vehicles are dominating the Paris motor show. European carmakers want to be seen as technology leaders but they also want to compete with Tesla. Jaguar Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen’s Audi all debuted battery powered SUVs. And if you’ve been longing for Lama happiness your wish is about to be credited. Apple is releasing seventy new emotions. Any gets better other images include up bagel all raccoon. Can’t. All person but come back this. This history sort of like my twin brother yeah clearly from another mother again later this month to visit her rights.

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{“id”:58251176,”title”:”Microsoft announces new gadgets at Surface event”,”duration”:”0:55″,”description”:”Microsoft announces new gadgets at Surface event The tech giant introduced its Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2, featuring a silent keyboard.”,”url”:”/Technology/video/microsoft-announces-gadgets-surface-event-58251176″,”section”:”Technology”,”mediaType”:”default”}