Michael Moore’s message to those prospering in Trump’s America Video

Transcript for Michael Moore’s message to those prospering in Trump’s America

Anbrand new iew” your de All ghe back with Michael conversion it’s Ady been. Some I do wano ask you, we’ve talked about firin up the bas both side yeah ultimately it’s going T abouthose that areng E way or T other to an election. Soyou are I michig if you are in say, youno wh, I don’t likeything thesident says anoes but my life is going well, I ca put food table for my kids,al have a full-time job, the om D ll, what do you say to thatperson? I think Americans will pu the countryhead of whether orot they’oing well, andhat eve if they were havisacrifice, we’ve seen that with our parents and our grandparents, that they are O dohose listen, you asked me beforthe make more trump voter getut and vote. This is the exact that we discovered in the filmhy didn’t Hillary come tomichigan it’slu state, why didn’t sho Wisconsin, it’s a B that if the hlaryo Wisconsin it would reminthe trp hey got to get out and vote. When Youd to ownan out TRE — That’s crazy. Crazy. And I do S in this film the dec a partlynsible for this because the nstantly compromising. They’re constantly back wn. Right. They’ve got no S and I th the ppl tired of . Novemr that different,ifferent mocrats, Democrats that are going to with neyork, they throu all they are signatures get her of everybody’s got novemberth. Th ballot. There’s a record numr women on T ballot this th cld be the last chance to save the democrat that U T plead wityou enou. Nk you, weot to go. Thanks to Michael Moore. His new E “Fahrenht 11-9” opens everre today.

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