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Transcript for Meghan McCain: ‘I completely underestimated how powerful and how strong’ Pelosi is

I’ll roundtable are joined by our senior national correspondent Terry Moran Megan McCain co host of the view. There about a president of Citizens United co author of Trump’s enemies other deep state is undermining the presidency. And democratic strategist Donna Brazile former DNC chair in daylight began that he could hear me at the beginning of the program talk but what president trying to stand Friday. Must have been like is that cascade of bad news came in as he start to dig out. This this president is solely focused on the job that he’s trying to do for the American people which means he has been working all weekend. Trying to figure out a path forward. He has said I’m hitting the reset button I have three weeks to try to work with Democrats and in the house and in the senate to try to find a deal he is going to stand tall for. The border security issues with the wall being one of them and predominant. But he is going to get that and if he doesn’t get that by the fifteenth he either gonna. Have to shut down the government he can’t do that. Let me just say this in the next three weeks I think that the the situations gonna change a little bit I hope we have a better communications operation. Than we’ve had for the president we need to do a better job. For him to. Table with all due respect the president has made the wall the be all the cure all of his presidency and it’s not gonna happen. By threatening to shut the government down again and use of federal workers as leverage I think the president soon learn George from. His tactics over the last couple weeks he didn’t succeed in large part not just because of the Democrats. The American people we’re against this out of our home just one thing about it the president made multiple offers multiple concessions to the Democrats and and the speaker Nancy Pelosi said zero dollars your adopt wouldn’t even come to the table to have a conversation the American people see that. Well then that one guys try to make a deal the other is David had thought truly is in which the Republicans controlled entire congress not president trot less. Much at least negotiate would have the congress which is democratic in one of the things he cited it doesn’t appear that Republican senators are. Print edition because yet it also tested the way guilty of Republicans are present trump which I found very interesting and with all this the government shut down he has managed to alienate his base and anchor moderates which is quite a feat to deal. I was curious about governor Christie’s and what is the end goal here if he does declare a national emergency American public aren’t stupid when they see their Coast Guard is getting paid the TSA agents are getting paid to compete possibly be shut — airports these are real life ramifications that Americans can understand every day workers understand and no one is going to be embark Puerto wasn’t popular tech Thursday that its not popular president charm does that when you and I don’t like each other we still have to come to work and do our job should be no different from it. They’re one of the things we also learn tears and Nancy Pelosi the house to potential constitutional role. I’m sure obviously knows how to hold her team together well he’s met his match hasn’t and it was it was striking to see he was expecting. That you would not be able to hold the Democrats together that she somehow would fold up and she wasn’t going to she had the right line. Which is that whatever you can offer don’t hold the government hostage in the meantime and if he’s going to work for the American people. He asked to listen more if it seems right now he’s governing from the assumption. That the people at his rallies and anchors on Fox News represent the majority opinion in America and Iran reelected doesn’t the president have to expand his base rather than just retreat to it we’ll George you know elections are about addition not subtraction and that’s what this president has been trying to do look. We are locked in his battle and all you. You look at the economy you look at the rising wages you look at the GDP you look at the unemployment numbers George he is wrong. Helped every American in this economy. But that’s what he did but I do think. What are six billion dollars it we lost six billion dollars. This shut down costing American economies and occasionally until the water is responsible for the I don’t know who I was someone in a little old noticing that need to close it was not the rates speaker going for that they need to leadership change and you’re saying I was wrong I completely underestimated how powerful and how strong she is she does seem to what she merchandise concert hall are left they can you know she’s not be so when she actually called him on his block which Democrats have. And that this week our question for Democrats going forward in these three weeks term ran you know do you day we just heard out of just say he’s not war. The wall to give a feeling you know that the government is open. To make some sort of compromise what the deal has always been there in some ways it’s semantics right as as the Republicans have pointed out Democrats have voted for 650 miles of walk. He wants nineteen. Hundred pairs the deal right there and I think what’s frustrating for Americans across the board. Is just get it done give it not and a secure fence act which the Democrats back in years past. Look again the Democrats have offered more than enough compromise the president needs understanding can upload no content not pulling your Democrats hinted came above the wall but he’s not honest next October baseball that’s what do work the watchword in this whole debate. It should be compromised the president 125 billion he is down to five point seven billion he has said he would talk about the extension for doctor kids he has. Put port proposal after proposal the Democrats have said 000. Look. They are going to be help responsible for the next bad actor the next case finally there are going to be those in the mainstream media must cover them. And he must say president trump was for the wall. And the Democrat is in his first proposal was that Mexico would pay for no remember that while I look at it. What Chris Christie said his lot of things are said during campaign well OK let’s let that that’s what campaigns are about percent of the reds started he said it 212. Times during the campaign that was the single enterprise I want the mean of his hands also said there’s been Russian collusion but. For the last two years and he tried to doze much it. But Altman an outlet in. Barack Obama must also hadn’t read it Democrats. I watch what Democrats do go light on immigration and start saying things in their their message going forward is that we’re gonna ban ice and ice is the double in any kind of border security is is you know anti Americans Democrats will have messaging problem but I will say if we live and die by the wall and in Coulter Swedes here in the Republican Party we are just now revealing are going insane when you can and we’re not and I don’t. And then next big thing. The next big crisis who will the president hold hostage we got a dead seal and he wants a trade duke he has still learn how to work with Democrats. Aren’t. Now. Go to move on another subject careless talk about how this indictment on Friday fits in told all of this you heard Roger Stone say he’s not worried about is can go to beat. These charges in the neared Adam should sort of try to tie together everything. That robber Molitor and so far but it is we said at the top so far no no indictment. For direct conspiracy to brush so far it’s smoke smoke smoke smoke no fire. On a lot of cover up. And all and that’s the insulting so these are people. Close associates is president from a different background. Art I art Michael Cohen. Paul man forced campaign chairman. From different backgrounds who all lied I’ve been indicted or pled guilty or convicted of lying about Russia. In addition to the thousand. Go out of context that. Between the trump campaign in Russia that’s the sticking point when they talk to investigators they lied about according to put. That’s when you know. They’re not clear the man who wants art when your campaign chairman is feeding information to the ressam Kremlin the military unit. Responsible fought a tap in a Al country. Attack their Democratic Party using stolen hacked emails which is a crime east Dillon joins property and use Braden at propaganda c’mon man. You don’t you all need to condemn it. I have an open with a thank you look no one in America Republican or Democrat wants Russian collusion the will end if there was Russian could. Influence in our election wish there seems to have been an effort it would no you have stepped to conclude of course but who is responsible for that it’s not Hillary Clinton and and Donald Trump it’s. Barack Obama who was the president who shorted have a handle on our national security in on all of. Rob let’s be honest he had written FBI. Oh yeah more enlightened boat there’s no question right that Pratt and I’m just glad to get congress especially Mitch McConnell. To work with apple look I knew a lot more than I could save it on national TV but we were all accused of line. And look now when you read his indictment it reads like the timeline of the democratic fight none of it had acted on with the kids and what all of these. Happened after will they know this happened there was. Sort of dismissal of the importance of fresh when president Obama was debating Mitt Romney said is in 1980s foreign policy was caught on a live Mike saying I’ll have more flexibility after the election 2012 yes but there was at the democratic parties are doing really interest in Vladimir Putin and his global expansion after the election and both say regarding WikiLeaks and everything having you with Roger Stone essay I don’t think that they took. That did Vladimir Putin’s power as seriously as many herb block I’m like that and I’m not just six piglets you wouldn’t call I don’t live Mike saying we’ll have loved flexibility crop flexibility after that and that’s have a point the point is. That went in regards to WikiLeaks is aiding and abetting an adversary and so when it comes to meet on a campaigns and Hayes someone from Russian WikiLeaks was have communication with you politically. English and I want to take. I don’t want why is it so hard for the president. It just condemn it would seem like if had he done that when when the when the intelligence agents first recent conclusion back when he was starting his presidency he been a different place today. Correll I don’t know looking. You have you have a fake dossier that was paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton was foisted on the American people and now two years later the mainstream media narrative is there was collusion when there are no facts of any collusion whatsoever and you have people being treated drivers donors want. Who where you have that you talked about it that it did the mid and the early morning raid of his apartment of his house 66 years old doesn’t own a weapon he gets treated one way. It Peter struck at least a page. McCabe James — all who live have allegations about lying none of them not charged with not to congress it’s just woken I don’t think could be and they’re under investigation for reliant economy. Don’t let him. And that’s what this is about you know when it we don’t currently there’s a lot of smoke you’re right and but I still believe again today all of these DOS will be connected I happen. And then there’s a couple of ways to connect and the one that the president is in raged because he wants to be president of the United States and spend pursue his agenda and this has been. A politically motivated attack and distract him and he’s handling it in him and in the awkward manner so. He’s hiding something and now some of it is coming out he said I had nothing do with Russia we now notes route 2016 he’s trying to make a deal for trump tower in Moscow. But they’re thought I mean there’s not I don’t know I am going on here why don’t my guy is trying to build up I do derived preternaturally happy I got Woodruff that was fueled would during the campaign. There was an ongoing conversation from years earlier that the trip from 2000. They did during the campaign he admits it was going at least till June 2016 Rudy Giuliani is that at times it could have been asleep at every opportunity to just about Clinton and then he goes to Helsinki and basically you know hasn’t has a romance with him during that time so that when you when people have questions about WikiLeaks their relationship with Russia it’s because the administration does nothing to is to deny it or to somehow come out and just say DD. Caught flat represents an awful man to step up the hill playing a dangerous game. We’re we are we’re playing a dangerous game in the sense that we are pushing politically that Russia is the enemy we need to. Attacked Russia whether it’s verbally or militarily here we’re getting close look you see the wrought the dubbed the. The bottom are frustrated and that and we wish Molly coddled action that has already seen as strong on Russia. I’m when they have a problem and that’s what I don’t let yesterday’s strong for the American people first and stand up to an app. Adversary of who check us all across this crap and at one of the defenses of the United States is. The mother pearl. Find out what happened at that asks and who if anyone in the United States to help the two years forty million dollars and come up with nothing on this 37 indictments that’s a lot.

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