Meg Ryan Revealed Her Secret Engagement Ring

Everyone’s favorite ’90s icon has some happy news: Meg Ryan just confirmed on Instagram that she and musician John Mellencamp are engaged. She made the announcement with an adorable sketch of her and Mellencamp—who needs a cheesy engagement photo shoot when you can whip up a drawing? 

The duo first dated from 2011 to 2014, and People reports that they reunited in May 2017. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Ryan has two children, 26-year-old Jack and 14-year-old Daisy, while Mellencamp has five children, so the cute new family is pretty much a modern-day Brady Bunch

Ryan has been secretly wearing her engagement ring since the end of October when she was photographed on a stroll in New York City. Her ring features a sleek gold band and a solitaire diamond—a refreshingly simple and timeless choice that’s made for the minimalist at heart. Scroll down to get a close-up look at her ring reveal and shop similar ones for yourself.