Meet the NYC Girl We Have on Our Style Radar

What does it take to be the next big thing? Whether you say innovation, irreverence, or lots of flash, it’s undeniably the elusive It factor—that can’t-look-away but also can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it instinct—and we’re doubling down for It Girl, It Brand, our latest series, speaking to who and what is on the edge of being huge.

This month, we paired actress Brigette Lundy-Paine with New York–based brand Collina Strada. What’s the reason behind such a pairing, you ask? September happens to be a noteworthy month for the two sartorial risk-takers, with the season two premiere of Atypical, Lundy-Paine’s groundbreaking Netflix series, and Strada’s serene S/S 19 showing at New York Fashion Week. With eyes on both, we can assure you these are two exciting names to know right now.

Sitting in the lobby of the Bowery Hotel in New York City, I open my weather app: Thunderstorms are expected. I anxiously await the arrival of Brigette Lundy-Paine—the subject of this month’s It Girl, It Brand story and star of the Netflix dark comedy Atypical—hoping she beats out the storm. As soon as the thought crosses my mind, though, a torrential downpour begins. Shortly thereafter, Lundy-Paine enters the hotel, unphased by the elements and decidedly chipper for her 9 a.m. Saturday call time. It was just the energy we needed on this gloomy August morning.

After a two-hour shoot that consisted of rolling around in bed (a dream Saturday-morning scene, to be sure) and lounging dreamily in a bathtub outfitted in looks by New York brand Collina Strada, Lundy-Paine joins me again downstairs for our interview. I’m immediately captivated by the 23-year-old as we talk about everything from season two of Atypical, which premiered last week, to the source of her undeniable confidence and eclectic fashion aesthetic.

Photographer: Lumia Nocito | Photography Assistant: Sophia Wilson | Hairstylist: Seiji | Makeup Artist: Natasha Smee for Exclusive Artists using MAC Cosmetics | Stylist: Raymond Gee | Market Editor: Lauren Eggertsen