Meet The Make, a Workwear Line That’s Breaking the Rules

The Myth: A man in a suit = success.

The Truth: Ung tells us that the perception of success, especially among corporate environments, for far too long has been of a man in a suit, “aka the big shot banker, lawyer, etc.,” she says. As she explains, today’s perception of office-ready clothing is one that’s been created through the lens of men’s clothing. “Workwear evolved from a male point of view as dress codes were conceptualized and imposed on women. For generations, these expectations were embraced (perhaps begrudgingly) by women having to compete and play by their rules. Women’s mere presence alone was controversial, likely as the only woman in the room, so they had no choice but to blend in donning the right attire.”

While Ung credits the tech industry today for “the recent casualization of workwear,” she says, there’s still a lot of room for more conservative industries to grow when it comes to fostering an environment where women aren’t held to a standard that simply wasn’t created with them in mind. “The pressure to dress a certain way depending on what industry you work in and one’s desire to express personal style is tricky to balance and a topic we hope to demystify,” she says of her own brand.