Meet Maad: The On-the-Rise Musician With Amazing Style

Not that you wouldn’t already be impressed by the styling and quality of images below, but for some context, we asked on-the-rise musician Maad if she would be interested in producing a quick at-home photoshoot to accompany her interview. She excitedly agreed, and the rest is history. What we expected was an assortment of creatively posed looks taken on an iPhone, maybe a friend’s camera, but what we got was a four-look, high-quality, full-blown photoshoot that was all executed at Maad’s home with the help of just one close friend. Now that you’ve been filled in on how impressed we are with the photos below, it’s time for me to brag even further about this artist.

In her short time being a solo artist, singer and songwriter Maad has released 2 EPs: Lé Funk in 2017 and Technicolor in 2018. The genre of her music is difficult to put in a box but has the familiar sound of R&B, hip-hop, and disco. This week, Maad released her latest EP, Eventually Pt.1, and chatted with us about the meaning behind the title, what she wants her fans to get from the record, and of course, her personal style. Fashion is something that has been rooted in Maad’s life since her childhood and has clearly played a role in how she presents herself as an artist and we are so lucky to have received an exclusive look at that side of her here.

Ahead, read our interview with Maad and prepare to be impressed by the at-home shoot she pulled off just for us.