Marina Larroudé’s Cross-Country U.S.A. Road Trip Essentials

Now that it is officially autumn, it’s hard to believe that summer is over and even harder to believe what became of the traditional travel season. While some people may have gotten a reprieve from the typical daily grind, the past several months of COVID-19 undoubtedly threw a wrench into all of our best-laid plans—especially when it came to vacations.

Tasked with making a family-sized pitcher of lemonade out of lemons, Marina Larroudé, fashion entrepreneur and former VP Fashion Director at Barneys New York and Fashion Director at Teen Vogue, saw these challenging times as an opportunity for an adventure. 

The self-described Brazil-born New Yorker at heart has called the city home for the past two decades, during which she worked her way up the ladder in the fashion industry, married the love of her life, and had two children, Gloria and George.

Presented with the realities of remote work, canceled summer camps, and the desire to be able to travel safely by car, Larroudé and her husband Ricardo hatched a plan: They rented an RV, plotted their course, and set out for a two-week coast-to-coast road trip. Naturally, she chronicled much of her adventure, which was so enjoyable that her family decided to road trip from New York City to Los Angeles and back again ad document it on Instagram

Whether or not you’re familiar with Larroudé, her credentials and colorful Instagram feed make one thing abundantly clear: She has an incredible sense of style. So when I saw Larroudé begin posting about her adventure, I had to know: What does a fashion obsessive pack for a cross-country road trip? 

Not only did Larroudé share her packing tips, must-have pieces, and organizational hacks, but she also shared several beautiful photos from her trip across the country and back. Read on for some serious style inspiration—no matter where the rest of this unpredictable year takes you.