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To a major medical breakthrough. A new report that documents a person being cured of HIV. It’s important because it’s the second known case. ABC’s janai Norman here with the details. Good morning, janai. Good morning. This has huge implications. Only the second time in history this happened. The findings show the patient who is staying anonymous went into long-term remission that person was essentially cured during the process of a bone marrow transplant to treat cancer back in 2016. The bone marrow don’t another had a mutation that prevents HIV from attaching to cells. Only one other person is known to have been cured. That was Timothy brown who underwent the same treatment back in 2007. Now, he nearly died in the process but due to medical advances treatment was not as intense for the more recent patient. Yeah, not as intense but the big question can it be replicated in the future? That is what scientists are still looking into. Looking into other patients who may have been cured with bone marrow with the same mutation. While it’s not practical for the masses they’re investigating gene therapy and major advancements for drugs that suppress HIV and prevent treatment and say this process is risky and expensive but offering hope to so many. Thank you. Now to those two young

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