Man develops blister on finger during tattoo removal procedure

A man suffered a horrendous reaction to a tattoo removal, which caused his finger to balloon with an inch-long brown blister.

Andrew Milne, 32, wanted his ex-wife’s initials removed from the third finger on his left hand.

But he woke up the day after his second laser session to find a huge puss-filled blister had caused his finger to swell by over an inch.

“It was quite alarming,” Milne, a fashion account manager from Northamptonshire, said. “When I went to bed on Friday night the skin was slightly raised, about a couple of millimeters, which is quite normal after the first couple of laser sessions.”


“But then I woke up on Saturday morning and it had really come up,” he said. “It’s about an inch long and half an inch high, and it seems to be quite tough.”

“It’s not too painful, but it’s just very unsightly,” he said. “It doesn’t look great at all. It’s lasted two days now, and it’s still going strong. I have mentioned it to the woman who did the laser session, and she seemed a bit concerned. She told me to just do my best not to pop it.”

“It does leak every now and then,” Milne said. “I don’t think it’s anything to do with the place I had it done, I’m fairly sure that I’ve just had a bad reaction to it.”

Milne had so far paid £35 (approx. $45) for each of the two laser sessions he has had, and was told it would take anywhere between four and nine sessions to fully remove the tattoo.

“I’m not entirely sure if I will continue with the tattoo removal,” he said. “It’s kind of put me off taking it any further.”