Making More Room for a Nook Library

Q. On my Nook device, I have about 40 percent of my storage space left. I like some books quite a bit, so I don’t want to delete them. But where do these books go after all the memory is filled up or the device gets too old?

A. Like its Amazon Kindle competitor, the Barnes & Noble Nook line of tablets and e-readers keeps copies of your digital-book purchases online. Even if you delete or archive a book from the device to free up space, you can download and read it again from the cloud backup. You can also read the book in your web browser if you would like to see it on a bigger screen.

The way to remove books from the Nook varies by model, so check the support pages on the Barnes & Noble site for specific instructions. On the current Nook Tablet, tap open the Apps icon on the home screen, select the Nook Library app, press your finger on the book you want to archive and select Remove. (Note that if you choose the Delete From Account option, the book is permanently removed from your collection.)

To archive multiple books at once, go to the Library’s Grid view screen, tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper-right corner and choose Manage Storage so you can remove books from your list. You can see all the Nook books in your collection by choosing Archive from the same corner menu. The books that are not physically on your device anymore appear with a cloud-download arrow on the cover.

Some Nook tablets can expand their storage capacity. If the device’s internal storage is filling up, you can add up to 128 gigabytes of space with a microSD memory card — if your model includes the card slot.

If your current Nook conks out from age, your library can be downloaded from your Barnes & Noble account to a new Nook. But in the long run, your library may still be in danger from obsolete formats or a change in corporate fortunes. If this is a concern, you can find instructions around the web for archiving book files to a computer.

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