Lucas Bravo Talks Emily in Paris and Reinventing His Style

The fashion on the show is a character in itself. What was the sartorial story for Gabriel? 

I think first of all, they didn’t want him to be too edgy. They wanted the fashion to fit his personality, which is a down-to-earth lost French boy who wants to make it on his own. He works in the restaurant business, so they didn’t want him to be too fashionable, but they still wanted him to have color. You know, with Lily and Camille [Razat] and Ashley and all those amazing outfits everybody has in the show, we didn’t want him to be too gray or colorless, so we had to find an in-between. I walked into this big warehouse where Patricia Field and Marylin were waiting for me and they were like, “Okay, pick what you want. Pick what you feel like is Gabriel, and we will adjust together.” So it was just a day at the chocolate factory. Being part of the process was amazing. And I’m just Gabriel. Can you imagine for Lily, Camille, and Ashley just walking through that warehouse with all of the gowns and amazing haute couture fashions? It was really a thing. 

What is your personal relationship to fashion?

I love fashion. I’m a caveman, so I’m not really into fashion events and stuff like that, but I love this opportunity to reinvent yourself every time. I get very easily tired of what I’m wearing, so I keep reinventing my style. I can be casual, I can be a hippie, I can be classy. I just like to follow my instinct and moods. 

You have been to Burning Man a few times, which is an anything-goes fashion environment. What have been some of your favorite looks from that event?

It’s funny because the first year I went was in 2014 and we didn’t have that many pictures. It wasn’t so Instagrammable and I didn’t even know where I was going. I was excited for the adventure and to get lost, but I didn’t know. So I started kind of reading stuff that [said] it was in between Coachella and Mad Max, and I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I ended up pretty much wearing nothing. The rule of Burning Man is what would you wear if there were no rules. So you see all of these people flourishing and becoming themselves, and the more you advance into the weekend, the more the costumes are organically amazing. People don’t even think about it. It’s like, “Oh, you gave me that shirt because I was cold, and I gave you this, and then that guy gave me a bracelet.” I feel like you should do it once in your lifetime. At least once.