Lovely Quotes About Parenthood From Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne knows the highs and lows of raising little ones.

The “Fantastic Beasts” star and his wife, Hannah Bagshawe, have a daughter, Iris, and a son, Luke. Since becoming a father in 2016, the actor has spoken about sleep struggles, flying with infants, baby noises and more.

In honor of his birthday, here are 13 lovely quotes about parenthood from Redmayne.

On Parenting Advice

“The amazing thing is that everything that everyone has ever told you ― all of the clichés ― you become the person starting to spout out the clichés as if they are the newest thought.”

On His Favorite Part Of Being A New Dad

“It’s in the morning. If Iris has managed to sleep through the night and then you hear a gentle squeak and you go in [her room] and turn on the light … and the massive grin that’s like, ‘It’s a whole new day.’ That’s probably the greatest thing.”

On Baby Noises

“Hilariously, she’s learned to shout. She doesn’t cry much, but she’s learned to shout. … It’s hilarious ― she’ll just be sitting there going, ‘Behhhhh!’ Like, what is that noise? From this tiny little thing.”

On Priorities

“I have two little children — Iris is now two and a half and Luke is 8 months. So honestly, life is about trying to keep the children alive. But they’re wonderful.”

On The Magic Of Parenthood

“[A]ll the things [like] different parts of your heart opening … it’s really extraordinary. There’s this amazing thing with children ― whenever you’re having a bit of a tired moment or something, it’s like she’s always just one stop ahead of you, smiling you along. It’s great.”

On The Parenting Power He Wants

“I would like a spell cast to be able to sleep through the night ― that would be perfect … just that!”

On His Daughter As A Big Sister

“She’s fantastic. There are occasional moments when Hannah and I are both out of the room and we get a glimpse of Iris entertaining Luke. No one makes him laugh as much as she does. You can’t quite believe it. Like, these humans are interacting [by themselves], so that’s been pretty special.”

On How Parenthood Prepares Him For Work

“There was a moment last year when my family ― my brother’s obsessed with getting dressed up at Christmas, or New Year actually, and so he decided that ‘Fantastic Beasts’ was going to be the dress code. So we got Iris dressed up as a Niffler ― then a baby Niffler ― and the way she behaved as a Niffler was very inspiring in the next film when we actually had the baby Nifflers. She’s running around, causing chaos, and so I felt like I got really method on the baby Nifflers.”

On Sleep

“Iris is heaven, but before you’re a parent you hear people talking about sleepless nights, and then suddenly you’re the guy who’s floating in constant jetlag with an IV of caffeine! I’ve become that person. But occasionally there’s that amazing thing where it’s 3 o’clock in the morning and you’re sort of gently furious, yet you get a little smile, your heart breaks a bit and it’s all totally worth it.”

On Flying To The Rio Olympics With A Baby

“We went to the Olympics when Iris was 8 weeks old. It was sort of the most outstanding invitation. I’ve always had this utter fear of flying with children and this was the first time she was flying. Of course, we were on a flight with basically most of the British Olympic team and there was this fear that what if she cries lots and they don’t sleep and they blame all of their lack of sleep on Iris, but she was amazing.”

On Small Wins

“One night Iris slept all the way through and we were like, ‘Our lives have returned!’ only we got sucker-punched the next night by being woken at all hours.”

On Family

“Marriage is the most wonderful achievement of them all for me because that has given me this platform to be a dad ― the best dad I can be.”

On Work-Life Balance

“I’m happy to give everything to [a project], but I need to make sure that they will bring my family.”