Love Island’s Shaughna Phillips: ‘I was trolled for my fat legs’

Shaughna Phillips blocked the word ‘legs’ from showing up on her social feed before she went into the Love Island villa earlier this year.

But hateful comments could still be read by everyone else viewing her photos.

It’s because she had fat cells building up in her legs which made them bigger.

It’s only since leaving the villa that Shaughna has been diagnosed with stage one lipoedema.

It’s thought over one in 10 women in the UK have the condition, which is an abnormal build-up of fat cells that can’t be broken down by diet or exercise.

Shaughna decided to pay for private liposuction to shrink her legs. The procedure’s not available on the NHS.

Dr Alex Munnoch – one of the few Lipodema experts in the country – says there’s a responsibility for healthcare professionals to be aware of the condition, which currently isn’t taught to medics.

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