Love Island: Where is Jack from? And other questions answered

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Contestants who have already left got together in England’s heatwave on Thursday – some may have high-earning careers ahead of them

The Love Island final is on Monday. Love it or hate it, the reality show has gripped people up and down the country – day-in, day-out people have searched online for things to do with it.

Here, we answer some of the questions you’ve been googling.

Where is Love Island filmed?

It’s in a swanky villa on the Spanish island Mallorca. Producers have tried to keep the exact location a secret, but some online sleuthing reveals it’s at the north-eastern side, near a village called Sant Llorenc des Cardassar.

How much do Love Island contestants earn?

The Sun has reported they get £200 a week, but of course the big money comes if you win – with couples invited to split £50,000 or swindle the other person out of their share through a version of the prisoner’s dilemma, as seen on the late noughties gameshow Goldenballs.

And the Financial Times reported a study claiming that, on average, being a contestant nets you more cash than going to Oxbridge.

“If you’ve got an offer from Oxbridge and Love Island, you’re better off going on Love Island,” economist Kristine Dislere told the paper.

Where is Jack Fowler from?

This one really got people wondering. He said he was “half English half Sentalinian” – or that’s what it sounded like, anyway. Cue people googling that, to be served “Sentinelese”, an indigenous group from North Sentinel Island in Asia.

That’s not where he’s from. On the show he also said it was “one of the most remote islands in the world, in between South Africa and South America”.

So that’s St Helena.

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This is where Jack Fowler (“new Jack”) is from

Which music video was Paul in?

It was Make Me, a 2016 track by Britney Spears. He’s the one kissing her in the video. It was his first job when he moved to LA and Britney herself picked him out to be the star. What a claim to fame!

When are the parents going in Love Island?

It’s a firm fan favourite – the episode when parents go into the villa and meet the apples of their darling children’s eyes.

Day after day people have been searching for the day when contestants’ parents, including actor Danny Dyer, will be going in to the villa.

ITV are running out of time to make this happen – but before the show started, its host Caroline Flack told us nothing would be changing. So. We’re holding you to that, Caroline. Fingers crossed for Sunday night’s show.

What does PDA mean? And broody and pengest and milf?

Nearly every morning this week, a word that’s been used on Love Island the night before has been high in the Google Trends list. Let’s go through them:

PDA – public display of affection

Broody – like you want to settle down and have kids (overused in the episode where the contestants had to look after a fake baby together)

Pengest – I see you’re not from London then. This is London slang for the best, and is immortalised in the YouTube chicken shop review series The Pengest Munch

Milf – slang for an attractive woman who happens to be a mum. It started with the 1999 teen movie American Pie and we’re not elaborating on the acronym on a family website

The contestants use their own lingo a lot of the time – mugging someone off is playing them for a fool, grafting is flirting, and if you’ve been pied, we’re sorry to say your relationship is over. You’ve been ditched.

Who has left Love Island?

While people get voted out, or “dumped” from the island, every few days after public voting, some contestants have decided to leave the show of their own accord.

Samira walked out after her on-screen partner Frankie was voted off, to pursue being with him.

Sam and Georgia did the same together.

And Niall left early on “for personal reasons”, later revealing that he has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Who are the odds-on favourites to win?

It’s Jack and Dani, Ladbrokes says.

Are the contestants allowed phones?

They’re given phones for messaging each other and taking photos but apart from that they’re cut off from the world. That’s why Dani and Jack laughed on Thursday night at the fact that they’re together but don’t have each other’s numbers.

Is Love Island staged?

It’s called reality TV but that doesn’t mean that everything you see has happened spontaneously with the cameras capturing perfect angles. The producers have a role, as former contestant Zara explains below. She said they direct conversation topics: “It was just so controlled in there.”

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Media captionFormer Love Island contestant Zara Holland on what it’s like inside the villa

After some shots in this year’s series showed inconsistencies from different angles, people online complained at the show being faked. ITV responded: “Love Island is a combination of reality and produced elements.

“Any produced elements are designed to allow viewers to understand what the islanders are feeling and to help move narrative threads on.”

Which Love Island couples are still together?

For all that, some couples who met on the show have stayed together afterwards. It’s a tonic for all you romantics out there.

The only remaining couple out of last year’s eight finalists are Camilla and Jamie. Kem and Amber won, but they broke up after four months.

Dom and Jess, early leavers from last year, are getting married this summer.

Luis and Cally from the 2016 show had the first Love Island baby and they’ve had a few ups and downs but are back together.

Also from 2016, Nathan and Cara are engaged, and parents to a little baby boy – Love Island child number two – while Alex and Olivia are also engaged.

But Hannah and Jon, who got engaged on the show in 2015, split up almost as soon as they got back to the UK.

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