Lonely Planet’s Top U.S. Destination Of 2018 Is An Underrated Treasure

Everyone and their mother wants to see New York, Nashville and Charleston. But what about the great American locales that are off the beaten track?

Lonely Planet has used its special brand of travel witchcraft to uncover what it considers to be 10 deeply underrated American destinations. Topping the list is California’s Redwood Coast. 

Just a few hundred miles north of San Francisco, the Redwood Coast boasts an otherworldly landscape. With thousand-year-old trees as far as the eye can see ― some over 350 feet tall ― it’s no wonder that the coastal forest is a nature-lover’s paradise. 

If you do plan a trip to see the redwoods in 2018, take note: In honor of its 100th anniversary, Save the Redwoods League is offering free admission to Redwood State Parks during the second Saturday of every month. Just select your preferred park and register in advance to secure a free pass!

And if the great outdoors isn’t really your scene, take heart. Lonely Planet’s “Best in the U.S.” list has something for everyone. Check out the nine other top choices below.

2. Boise, Idaho

3. Chattanooga, Tennessee

4. Florida’s Space Coast

5. Cincinnati, Ohio

6. Midcoast, Maine

7. Richmond, Virginia

8. Kentucky Bourbon Country

9. Minneapolis, Minnesota

10. Southeastern Utah

CORRECTION: A wire photo caption in a previous version of this story misidentified the type of tree pictured at Humboldt Redwoods State Park.