Lewis Capaldi Was Confused For A Seat-Filler At The 2020 Grammys And, Yikes

Singer Lewis Capaldi was mistaken for a seat-filler at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards and we have secondhand embarrassment for him.

On Sunday, Capaldi ― whose “Someone You Loved” was nominated for Song of the Year ― tweeted a hilariously awkward exchange that apparently happened during the show, but sadly didn’t air on television for viewers at home.

“A lady at the grammys has just come up and offered to take my seat because she thought I was one of the people who sits in the chairs to fill them when someone gets up to use the bathroom,” Capaldi tweeted towards the second half of the show.

We cannot imagine how uncomfortable that discussion must have been for both that woman and Capaldi. 

After the tweet, fans responded to the 23-year-old with a multitude of thoughts: 

Earlier in the night, the Scottish singer-songwriter tweeted a bathroom selfie in celebration of the Grammys and thanked a Twitter user who told him he looked “like ed sheeran if he drank 3 bottles of sweat everyday and only showered once a year.”

Never change, Lewis. Never change.