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jack, during the service for her husband at washington’ral. CIA direeon panett he servewith John MC worked wi him closely over the years on intellig and forei policy issues. Is great S you secretary in the national cathedral. Tell us what was LI for you.s — it’s E of the mt moviemorials tt ever attended because it was — it was truly a tribute T statesman, a patriot and a warrior, but more importantly when you look at the music and those who oke, it waal celebration of country, and I think athn would te and the message was not so much the present message was really to the erican peoabout what L of cntry reallhaall about. You say it wasn’t a message tosident tru, T there weome clear ss president trump there. You know he appare watching that ice. Do you say about those messagy to the president? Death has reminded the nation T values, Hu, democracy, justice under law are far an thebal partisanship and persontt politics that have characterized our life. Re’s no questions has really ba week of nt withohn mccainyou know, someone who fought bravely in LE, someone totally devoted to this country who was a fir for helping people in th contrag H the president and the way this ident has Ted, particul over theslast few weeks wi the tweets and with the comments and we Atta our just system D on the press. There isquestion that there waat larger ntradiction that I Thi — I thin represented for John McCain, a message that country ich more impnt than politics, and that’s what on. And as approach the mierms, you re chief O staff to president Clinton befo impeachme proceedin. Do you think it’s wise for Democrats if they retake the house, to start impeachment proceedings? Is it wise politically for them that? No.not at allink — I tnk the mosimportant ING that the Democrats could do is to a Bob Mueller to complete work I think boeller’s re are going to be additional steps taken against E president and they ought not to get aheadthat repoecause that wie the key to determining what happens in the future. You mention the Mueller investigation, and Rudy giulia ek that trump’s legal tis preparg a counter report th trump team can undermine this investigation even before it’s finished? Well, you K Bob Muell is focusing on several things ri obhe has gone R individuals he has gone Russians THA involved in coming after our electi system. They are getting very CL makifor obstruioju not ly by the steps that were taken in terent demeaning and attacking a witch hunt, but also the fact that Rudy Giuliani himsels that thehole purpose of their effort is to undermine the credibility of the Sal cosel, and then when you add to that dismissal those involved in the investigation, I think you to pceogether the kicase that could form around an obstruction of justice cha I thk you haveo be very careful using this tactic to because I INT could backfire. I want onto forei policy if weld I know one of the St converons you hawith John McCain W about North Korea. The presid N mpeo’s trip T north Korea saying they gh pgr whds now, and wdo you do out it? I’m very worried about the action becafrankly I think we have a failed summit on ouhands righnow, and there G led efforts throughout history. This M be anotheone of those, and the problem is that in many waitd to failure from the beginning because thwas never the proprietary work that has to be done prior to a summit meeting. Was all about S shaking hands and exchanging words. The wor O pcess, looking nuclearpon sites, on action regimes, on what sd be doneit sanctions, all of the Thi that nd to be done to produce someind of peaceful solution, were not done. Dd trump was handed a very bad hand on this. O question. Not already could probably at any point get a near weapont could reh united STAs, an icbm indeed he ratcheted up the rhetoricat else could he have don delay THA you talk about that work. That’s the work thre trying to do now. W what needsbe done no beca wasn’t done before, th are involved here, pu them all on the table angins a diplomatrocess been united STEs, north Korea, hopefully south kois that, ell as Japan, but putting thosies together with everything on the to ategin to ma the trff part of WHA ultimately would be a resolution to the situation. Dalp said he still has a fantastic relaship with Kim Jong-un. Why is hs like that? This isn’t about the nae of personalities. This is about the hard work of neatlution to differences between North Korea and United States and south there have been issues here, but ne of thatork has beone. Know where the nuclear sites are. Don’t knowhere the ssile siteare. Don’t know where a lot of their chites are located. We have not developedny kind of insion regime. All of THA nbe oth table. That’s what needs to be on those issue that T. O oka about one last thing here, that’s anoer during pro in policy, that is Afghanistan. We are approaching 17 years in afghanistan you were, ofped lead the raid thaenled Osama Biden. That W 7 ago. We’re still there. None of us want another 9/11, should we still there? I think it’s very important the Taliban restore their influence. Is there a differwa do that the’re doing now? I think that is need is a strategy tcure the country of Afghanistan. We have troops there, but what think lacking ia specific strategy for how we going to secure tt country. After 17 years? Yea Ieel like iave heard thatbefore. No. You’re abst. Yohave heard it band the problem is that the specific Stor how we were going to deawith afghastan was Ned out, by ministration frankly, and ultimately what needs to be , going to have forces the, if we’re going to work with the Afghans, is we have got to be able to secure that country and allow it to governts that sll remains T done. There is a lot of corruption.thot of tribalism in that countrywe have noalt with T probms of Afghanistan that have to be resolved if we’re ever going T Afghanistan se Thaou very much fort. We hope we can solve it as well. THR joining us this moing, secrery Panetta.

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