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Transcript for Lawsuit filed over Apple FaceTime bug

In today’s tech quite the first lawsuits stemming from the iPhone facetime bugs the glitch allowed you to hear the person you were based on me before they picked up Bloomberg reports a Houston lawyer has filed a lawsuit reprises. Someone used the floor to listen to sworn testimony apple is not commented on the lawsuit the company says it will issue a fix for the bug. This week. It based on drama comes as Arab. Apple reported its first drop in revenues and profits and more than a decade week iPhone sales are partly to blame. Apple has lost more than 250 billion dollar since August when it became the first company to reach the one trillion dollar mark. And the maker of robust says they’re coming out with a lawn mower the automatic mower called that steroids or use wireless beacons to set up a parameter. And it has an hour run time got to get that the documents about the kid you’re those protect rights have a great today.

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{“id”:60720541,”title”:”Lawsuit filed over Apple FaceTime bug”,”duration”:”0:51″,”description”:”A Houston lawyer files a suit claiming the glitch allowed an unknown person to eavesdrop on sworn testimony.”,”url”:”/Technology/video/lawsuit-filed-apple-facetime-bug-60720541″,”section”:”Technology”,”mediaType”:”default”}