Kimmel Audience Cheers As He Answers 1 Burning Question About Trump

“The think tank in Trump-land is empty,” Kimmel declared on Wednesday night, then rattled off a list of what’s come out of that tank, from conspiracy theories to former aides who’ve turned on the president: 

“Everything is bogus: Voting results, crowd size, witch hunts, perfect calls, Dr. Fauci, Rex Tillerson, John Kelly, John Bolton, Michael Bolton, Michael Cohen, windmills, caravans, they’re all against him. The deep state, Hillary’s emails, pizzagate. Every week there’s a new plot against Donald Trump.” 

“How much gas is left in this light already?” he asked, before answering his own question. “63 days, folks. 63 more days.” 

His audience cheered at the reminder about how many days are left before President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated: