Kendall Jenner Beauty Interview Summer 2019

Kendall Jenner belongs to a dynasty that produced two of the most viral direct-to-consumer beauty lines in modern history: Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty. But Jenner will be the first to tell you that unlike the rest of the Kardashian women, her beauty routine is 100% fuss-free. Sure, when I sit down with the model at an Ulta Beauty store in L.A. to celebrate her collaboration with the just-launched hair tool brand Formawell Beauty, her hair is immaculately tousled, her skin behind a living filter, her lashes defined to perfection, and her lips almost intimidatingly plump. But this is a special day (and the family’s resident makeup guru Hrush Achemyan was there to help). By contrast, Jenner’s everyday approach to beauty is as relaxed as a day at the beach—so much so, in fact, that when I open my interview by asking her to name her “holy-grail desert island beauty products,” Jenner begins listing the supplies she’d bring were she realistically shipwrecked on some abandoned coastline—and I don’t have the heart to clarify that I was simply fishing for her current beauty favorites.

“A lash curler?” Hrush suggests from offstage to which Jenner endearingly replies, “No! Who am I trying to impress on a desert island? I wouldn’t want to put on makeup if I were on a desert island. I’d be focused on, like, getting out of there.”

Jenner doesn’t speak the typical beauty guru language of cut creases, chemical exfoliation, and desert island products—though she does have strong preferences when it comes to makeup, hair, and skin. Keep scrolling for Jenner’s low-maintenance beauty secrets, including her drugstore skincare essentials, her favorite summer trends, and her top beauty pet peeve.