Kate Moss Wore a Very Boho Jumpsuit to Her 45th Birthday

Has Kate Moss been re-watching Almost Famous or sitting around looking at old photos from the ’70s? Her most recent outfit choices would point to yes. The seemingly ageless model has been in Paris to celebrate her 45th birthday and her outfits have been taking on a subtle (yet noticeable) bohemian bent. Last night she stepped out wearing a dramatic silky maxi length jumpsuit that featured colorful floral embroidery at the top with a layer of long fringe-y necklaces and a cropped faux fur coat.

At a time in fashion when most of us have tried to forget we ever owned anything with fringe detailing, boho style has earned itself quite a negative connotation. While no one’s wearing any full-on retro looks these days, this recent Kate Moss outfit has us reconsidering what boho style really looks like in 2019—and whether or not we had been too harsh on the style before.

Keep reading to see Moss’ boho-inspired birthday look and more outfits she’s been wearing in Paris.