Kate Middleton Wore Skinny Jeans and Boots Like a Royal

I’ve covered a lot of Kate Middleton’s outfits, so I can say with certainty that the girl loves a theme. She has created a royal tradition of coordinating her outfits with the events she’s going to—think nautical stripes for sailingflorals for a garden tour, and green for a visit to Ireland

Of course, her latest outing is no exception. In true royal fashion, she put together the most on-theme outfit she possibly could while doing outdoor activities with children from the Cub and Beaver Scouts: a necktie that resembles the kids’ uniforms, a utility vest, skinny jeans, and practical lace-up flat boots. The outfit was so perfect for the occasion that you could easily mistake her for one of the camp counselors. Scroll down to see Kate Middleton’s newest jeans-and-boots outfit.