Kamala Harris’s Sneakers Caused an Excited Frenzy on Twitter

Even though she had her own presidential run and has a lengthy résumé in public service, Senator Kamala Harris is now garnering the most attention she’s ever had in her career. Yes, that means that more people are aware of her political fashion choices—but no, this shouldn’t detract from her campaign messages. 

While on the campaign trail yesterday, Harris sent a clear message with her laidback outfit: She’s staying true to herself despite the increased scrutiny. She flew to Milwaukee to meet with electrical workers, Black business owners, and supporters wearing her ultimate go-to wardrobe staple: Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers ($50). She frequently wore them during her own presidential run, and now she’s remaining loyal to them under a newly bright spotlight. 

Harris’s choice of Converse sneakers sent Twitter into an excited frenzy yesterday, causing #ChuckTaylors to start trending. Just one tweet from her husband, Doug Emhoff, racked up over 72,000 likes alone: “The @Kamala Harris I know wears Chucks and jeans…and now you all know too!” Meanwhile, her sister Maya Harris tweeted: “Chuck Taylors trending lol. (Yes, they are in fact her go-to.)” Scroll down to see how Harris added some polish to her skinny jeans and sneakers via a sleek blazer.